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5G is already here, Taiwan Mobile has 3.5GHz, 700MHz, 1800MHz, 2100MHz spectrums, combined with all spectrums to maximize the function and provide best IoT applications. Not only can greatly improve industrial production conditions by using 5G technology, reduce hazards in the work environment, improve the remote operation experience and controllability of production, and accelerate the promotion of industrial transformation and upgrading. It can also integrate technology and sports through 5G high- efficient communication. Collect information on various details of the stadium through IoT technology, such as analysis of the ballistic trajectory perspective, replay and playback of wonderful actions, real-time data statistics, etc. Bring fans a richer entertainment viewing experience. Through the characteristics of 5G network high network speed, low latency, and huge amount of Internet of Things communication, it promotes the development of wisdom life technology.


Intelligent Manufacturing
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Smart Manufacturing
Intelligent Manufacturing
AI Image Recognition (Intelligent Storage): Install surveillance cameras in the warehouse campus to accelerate the identification speed of AI Intelligent Image Analysis System through 5G network, and assist the management of the enterprise campus. AR Remote Equipment Maintenance: Use a 5G network to enable field workers to communicate with remote experts through AR smart glasses and simultaneously initiate multi-party video collaboration. Light A.I. Virtual Guard: Replace traditional human monitoring with AI cameras, connect to the cloud in 5G for real-time image recognition, and achieve real-time alerts via monitoring platforms and mobile app. AGV/AMR applications: Use 5G wireless connectivity technology to move cargo to designated picking stations and communicate with other equipment in the field to improve efficiency and reduce labor costs.
Smart Stadium
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Smart Stadium
In 2020, commercial 5G network has come into our lives. Taiwan’s fixed network, Taiwan Mobile Co., Ltd and Taiwan Win TV Media CO., Ltd. launched a 5G smart sports application at the Xinzhuang Baseball Stadium. We use the 5G network to provide the characteristics of Enhanced Mobile Broadband, Massive Machine Type Communications, and Ultra-reliable and Low Latency Communications, and together with local partners in Taiwan to generate a 5G smart application solution ecosystem. This project focuses on the interactive management of fans, and uses many innovative technologies for demonstration, including the key video uses MEC and 5G, integrates 3D modeling animation and collects live light and shadow, provides dynamic and static image playback, high-quality real-time 4K panoramic photography, providing live stream of sports events, AR virtual opening display, giving fans a different visual experience, highly immersive virtual baseball games bring real-life experience, 3D Holographic projection technology is used to interact with virtual player images for pitching and playing games. Finally, it is also matched with the stadium's 3D depth technology and dynamic people counting analytics technology to provide security control requirements for the stadium. The player’s training platform uses sports technology to detect player swing speed, elevation angle, or distance is provided to the coach for immediate adjustment and improvement.