Department of Public Health,Taoyuan City

Department of Public Health,Taoyuan City

The Department of Public Health of the City Government of Taoyuan is the guardian of the health of citizens living in Taoyuan and is committed to promoting various health services and providing a series of health care policies for all age groups.
The Department develops preventive medicine and public health based on the objectives of "Wholehearted care, universal health and comprehensive services". It consolidates the government and private resources to integrate the medical and health care systems and construct a seamless pandemic prevention network, helping citizens achieve psychological and physiological comfort. At the same time, the Department builds a healthy environment, promotes health and physical activities, and actively encourages long-term care and a smart health care network. To prevent and delay disability and dementia, AI technologies are used to assist the elderly in conducting physical recovery, cognitive promotion, and muscle functions, helping every citizen live a healthier life.

AI-LOHAS Health Club

Solution Description


"AI-LOHAS Health Club" is a solution integrating the professional advice of occupational therapists(OT) with AIOT technology to help elder people stay healthy. In detail, this solution provides diverse machines with a series of customized courses to fulfill the different cognitive training, such as responsiveness, muscle endurance, coordination, and so on. Moreover, the AI system can collect, track, and analyze the users' training data, and export reports in the end. In this way, training programs can be more precise and dynamic. Seniors can not only benefit from using these devices for maintaining their physical health, but also deepen their social interactions. In all, it's a local-friendly plan for practicing dementia prevention and body betterment with smart tech. Finally, seniors can enjoy their elder lives with much higher quality.