TaiwanBar Studio Inc.

TaiwanBar Studio Inc.

Taiwan Bar is committed to innovating educational content. Beginning with the production of knowledge-based videos, over the years, Taiwan Bar has expanded its product lines to include the development and production of teaching curricula, printed publications (picture books and textbooks), and educational board games, etc. Most of Taiwan Bar’s products target educators and parents, though the end users likely include students and children. It is Taiwan Bar’s aspiration to create content that these end users would proactively consume without considering such learning experience as stressful or forced.

From 2014 until today, Taiwan Bar’s YouTube channel, loaded with in-house-produced knowledge-based videos, has accumulated more than 1 million subscribers. Moreover, many K-12 school teachers have been accustomed to using these videos to facilitate learning in their classrooms. Given such a strong reputation and influence, Taiwan Bar’s flagship product last year, a children’s picture book series entitled Beeru Kids Around Taiwan, sold more than 10,000 copies within the first quarter of release.

Going forward, Taiwan Bar plans to create literacy-based courses and accompanying teacher training. The ultimate goal is to tackle educational problems at their roots and drive fundamental improvements in Taiwan’s educational environment.

Teaching a child how to fish will not feed him for a lifetime - unless we convince him to enjoy eating fish!

Solution Description

Smart Education

Taiwan Bar is committed to creating innovative educational contents that appeal to students’ interest and encourage proactive learning. Such educational contents come in a variety of different forms, including animated videos, teaching curricula, teaching aids, tabletop games, and educators’ workshops, etc.

Taiwan Bar’s key strength lies in the capability to accurately translate complicated, professional domain knowledge into enjoyable videos, and further develop teaching/learning materials centered around these videos. The teaching/learning materials focus on motivating students and building their creativity and critical thinking abilities; they are also tightly linked to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as well as to the Core Competencies listed in Taiwan’s 2019 Curriculum Guidelines.

Taiwan Bar also owns a YouTube channel and a Facebook page with a combined fanbase of more than a 1 million followers, allowing the influence of our educational works to spread fast and wide.