【Open for On-Site Registration】Towards Low-carbon Cities

2023-03-30 10:30 2023-03-30 12:00
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2023/03/30 10:30-12:00


TaiNEX 2, 4F Conference Room D


Chinese, partially English

  Cities provide human beings with convenient life and prosperous development, nevertheless, they are also the largest contributors to global carbon emissions. Three-quarter of energy consumption and more than 70% of carbon emissions come from cities, thus, low-carbon cities play key roles in the global transition to net zero.

  Since 2003, CDP, the carbon disclosure organization, has released the results of the carbon disclosure questionnaire every year. In addition to companies scores, cities’ performance is also included. Among the 122 A List cities across the globe in 2022, Taiwan has Taipei, New Taipei City, and Taichung ranked as A List cities.

  In this forum, the following topics will be shared by experts at home and abroad: The vision and the applicable actions of low-carbon cities observed in the CDP’s Cities questionnaire analysis. The functions smart technology, the IoT, and green transportation can deploy in the process of building low-carbon cities.

Hosted by: BCSD Taiwan, TCA
Co-hosted by: CDP

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10:30 - 10:35

Opening remarks


Peter Pu
Managing Director, NE Asia of BSI

10:35 - 10:40

Photo session

10:40 - 11:00

Keynote speech I: CDP City 2022 Disclosure and Insights


CDP, Global Senior Manager,
Karishma Kashyap

11:00 - 11:20

Keynote speech II: Experiences and Actions Towards Low-carbon Cities


He-Ran, Liu
Deputy Mayor of New Taipei City

11:20 - 12:00

Panel discussion: The Role of Businesses in the Transition to Net-zero Cities


Jin-Lai Wang, President, Tatung Company

Peter Hu, Executive Vice President, Information and Digital Transformation Technology Division, FET

Ya Wen Chen, CEO, Advanced Public Transportation Research Center


Tony Mo BCSD-Taiwan
Secretary General


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BCSD Taiwan, Taipei Computer Association

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