Nankang IC Design Incubation Center (NKIC)


Nankang IC Design Incubation Center (NKIC) is a rolling admission acceleration center which focuses on IC design, AloT and any ICT related technology based companies. In addition, NKIC provides highly selected members with value-added services, such as IT, EDA on demand, measurement lab, fundraising support, corporate governance & financial structure planning, IPR strategy & practice, and international marketing channel.

NKIC incubated more than 40 companies, over half of which were from abroad, especially Silicon Valley. The survival rate of our startup companies at NKIC stands at a healthy 60%. As a most presti­gious incubator in Taiwan, NKIC offers complete business assistance in all stages, so that the startups may focus on their core business, leading to com­petitiveness for sustainable growth.