Intelligent Building Pavilion


Welcome to the IBE Intelligent Building Pavilion. This pavilion consists of three themes which are “Solutions to Intelligent Social Housing”, “Intelligent Building Material”, and “Intelligent Net-Zero Buildings”. “Solutions to Smart Social Housing” aims to improve quality of life and housing market through the optimization of housing and community by using ICT, such as cloud platforms for management, Machine Health managing System, smart home care, etc. Intelligent Building Material means innovative material and logical operation method by active as well as passive control. These materials could be integrated into buildings to create appropriate correspondence by user needs along with environment and time change, such as smart curtains, smart building envelope, access control, smart appliance, etc. Intelligent Net-Zero Buildings incorporate energy producing, containing and saving technologies, as well as renewable resources and energy management systems, etc., to achieve an energy-saving, carbon-reducing, water-saving and waste-reducing net-zero building system.