InnoVEX Smart South


InnoVEX is the exhibition that can help startups to match international capital, manufacturing partners, market channels, and media resources on one platform. InnoVEX is the hub towards strategic markets and business collaborations in the Asia Pacific Region. Starting from 2016, the scale of the exhibition has a steady growth year by year, and it has become one of the leading startup stages in the world.

InnoVEX first time organized a pavilion in Kaohsiung to showcased 8 Smart Cities application startups. Along with AI & autonomous driving technologies-Aiseed Inc., XR Smart Industry- BarkingDog VR, Wearable technology- Jarvish, AI & Smart Site- Nadi, XR Medical- Pumpkin Studio, Intelligent Logistics- Singularity & Infinity, XR Military & Firefighting- VAR LIVE and Electric vehicle charging- xMight.

About InnoVEX: