METAEDU Smart Education


The METAEDU 21 is a series of hybrid events from November 1st, being curated by Taiwan Government IDB and NGO III. Participants from government units, research institutions, educators, global venture capital, and overseas companies from all around the world. Our goal is to build awareness and broaden the opportunity to accelerate the growth of EdTech.

Each year, we continue to deliver top-quality content with a broad range of well-known speakers and experienced practitioners sharing valuable insights and actionable takeaways. We have introduced 3 major themes that shapes our event to ensure that every participant will be inspired by the event’s seminar program.


Smart Education
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Smart Education
Smart Education
1.Online Learning System -It is a cloud service-based learning management platform which provides 9 kinds of teaching resource on the lesson. Thru this system, The teachers could monitor students' learning performance anytime and able to make an adjustment flexibly based on the student’s learning level at the early predict period. 2.Learning Analysis System-It provides a Smart Analysis of learning result. It is analyzed based on the answering time spent on each question answering, student performance chart, and many other factors to know the students' learning effectiveness. 3.Touched Learning System-It is a virtual currency been used based on the reward concept. It is a motivation for students to participate in online learning activities. 4.Thesis Competition System- Through the determination of feature writing’s title, team leader selection, sub-topic proposal, drafting, and so on, the student will then make his e-book. All this learning process and results will be recorded on the system.


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