National Development Council 2050 Net-Zero Transition Pavilion


In response to international initiatives on “2050 Net-Zero Emissions” , as well as the challenges and business opportunities that related to net-zero transition, The Executive Yuan’s National Council for Sustainable Development, led National Development Council, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Environmental Protection Administration, National Science and Technology Council, Ministry of Transportation and Communications, Ministry of the Interior and other central government agencies, announced the “Taiwan’s Pathway to Net-Zero Emissions in 2050”. On the basis of “four transition strategies’” and “two governance foundations”, Taiwan kicked off the “12 Key Strategies” action plan to implement Taiwan's net-zero transitions. The government will take advantage of the action plan as the basis for dialogue, and communicate with all sectors of the society, in order to find better solutions and implement specific actions. By implementing the action plan, we hope that we can leave a better living environment and industry development opportunities for the next generation.