P-Waver Build Earthquake Early Warning System for Taiwan Government and High Tech Industry, next is to build an Safety Eco system with partners

P-Waver, a company in Taiwan, an island located on the Seismic Belt of Pacific Rim, with more than 18,000 earthquake strikes per year. Started in 2010, Pei- Yang Lin and his team implemented big data and AI technology to build an Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) model that went through on-site lab validation, and entered the market through government, institutions and International SI Partners. Their service also covers structural safety monitoring systems and earthquake , disaster prevention consultants as well as smart security solution for people in buildings or at home thru IOT devices or control system

Every second and life matters

P-Waver constructed their EEW system with AI model based on earthquake data with more than 350,000 earthquake modeling. With 1-3 seconds of P-waves detection, the subsequent earthquake can be estimated immediately. Today P-Waver's early warning system has been installed in over 3500 schools, 21 fire stations, three hospitals and two science parks and several IC foundries in Taiwan. Over the past few years many earthquakes have occurred in Taiwan – and the system has made successful predictions with 98.8 per cent accuracy P-WAVER is the solution for smart city’s seismic hazard control.

Next is to build a safety eco system

P-Waver next step is to build a eco system with partner to utilize their technology to expand application like smarty safety solution to help people at home or at office to deal with earthquake more wisely through coordinated IOT devices to provide smart escape solution. For example to escape through guiding light system, to be notified coming earthquake through smart Cam or speaker. System integrator could utilize EEWS system message to stop elevator and shut down gas system in timely manner to prevent further loss and this are already in service in Taiwan by P-Waver and their partners.

P-WAVER is not doing more than that. They also care your valuable property to provide structural health monitoring and diagnostic result within 10 mins after earthquake. By providing one stop shop service together with partners. P-WAVER would like to make life saving and safety business an Eco system and welcome more and more partner to work together to make it bigger and safer.