earthbook Inc.

earthbook Inc.

Earthbook Inc. developed our own earthbook 4D platform, which was funded in 2018 and has won many innovation competitions in Taiwan. Our products include DaaS, SaaS and enterprise version that can be purchase in one stop. The goal for earthbook Inc. is to be the service provider of the largest drone data platform.

earthbook 4D DaaS(Drone as a Service)

Solution Description


earthbook 4D DaaS(Drone as a Service) platform provides many services including optical, thermal, and multispectral photograph, live-streaming and lidar scanning. According to one-stop DaaS service and massive drone-collected data, this platform contributes an innovative business model that absolves purchase and maintenance fee of UAVs for requesters. Results from UAVs can be processed and demonstrated in this platform by web browsers that also absolves software cost.
The product provides alternative standalone versions and cloud versions for a variety of network environments.