Smart Building Steering Group

Smart Building Steering Group

The framework of Taipei Smart City takes “smart government” as the core value, and promotes “smart security”, “smart building”, “smart transportation”, “smart education”, “smart healthcare”, “smart environment”, and “smart economy” to be the blueprint for the future development. In order to achieve it, “1+7 smart city steering groups” were established. The smart building steering group consists of the Department of Urban Development as the chief bureau, the Department of Information Technology, the Construction Management Office, and outside experts. It aims to enhance the safety, energy conservation, and management of buildings in Taipei through smart techs.

AIoT Platform of Nangang Depot Social Housing

Solution Description

Smart Award

The AIoT Internet of Things platform of Nangang Depot Social Housing can establish a prediction model based on the past electricity consumption records of residents, and provide warnings that the electricity bills of the residents who may exceed the level of the current month, as well as abnormal electricity consumption alerts. The model of artificial intelligence will continue to learn and optimize based on the feedback of the data, and then reduce overall energy consumption in the community.
The public facility in community, air-conditioning can be adjusted by the platform with time and electricity price optimization based on historical data such as indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity, and facility control parameters. And pursue the minimization of electricity bills without affecting the user experience, and avoid electrical loads. Large amounts of electricity are used during peak hours.