Smart Security Steering Group

Smart Security Steering Group

The framework of Taipei Smart City takes “smart government” as the core value, and promotes “smart security”, “smart building”, “smart transportation”, “smart education”, “smart healthcare”, “smart environment”, and “smart economy” to be the blueprint for the future development. In order to achieve it, “1+7 smart city steering groups” were established. The smart security steering group, chaired by the Taipei City Police Department, convenes the Taipei City Fire Department and the Department of Information Technology, and outside experts. The steering group aims to enhance public security, disaster prevention, and road traffic safety through smart technologies and build Taipei a safe city.

AIoT-based Smart Fire Alarm System

Solution Description

Smart Security

By applying AIoT technology in fire safety equipments , AIoT-based Smart Fire Alarm System provides solutions as follows:
1.If fire safety equipments and fire escape equipments ruined due to human behaviors, AIoT-based Smart Fire Alarm System will supervise the situation timely,while automatically telling the abnormal case,then it notifies fire safety manager soon.
2. In case of fire, using the former technology, AIoT-based Smart Fire Alarm System will notify fire safety manager instantly, while automatically notifying 119 ,transmitting real-time fire information to reduce the time for dispatching fire fighters and engines.