Department of Education, Taoyuan City

Department of Education, Taoyuan City

There are 13 units in Department of Education, it divides to 9 Sections and 5 offices, including:Secondary Education Section,Elementary Education Section,School Facilities Section, Preschool Education Section, Special Education Section, Health Education Section, Lifelong Learning Section, Educational Technology Section, Student Affairs, Counseling and School Safety Section, Inspector's Office.

Taoyuan Smart Classroom、Maker Classroom、Smart Library

Solution Description

Smart Education

1. Smart classrooms: build high-quality smart learning classrooms in schools at all levels. Currently, we have built 3,500 classrooms. The goal of this year is to complete the construction of more than 5,000 smart classrooms to make intelligent education universal.
2. Maker classroom: cultivate students with the qualities of "caring," "exploration," "imagination," and "innovation" as the core to promote creativity and science education courses. Also, integrate the city's creativity and science education resource, hold summer camps in different sites to send the maker teaching to the rural areas, and encourage schools to conduct the maker classrooms.
3. Smart library: each school adds self-service borrowing and returning machines, librarian workstations, book sterilization machines, channel induction doors, and RFID tag construction other hardware equipment. Adopt a book management system to reduce the tide of borrowing and reading after class and streamline the labor force. Besides, establish a digital learning area or particular learning area to improve the utilization rate of teachers and students' library.