Department of Agriculture, Taoyuan City Government

Department of Agriculture, Taoyuan City Government

“Technology-Based Agriculture," "Friendly Environment," and "Safe Agriculture" are the three core objectives of the Department. The three cores are closely related to each other, among which technology-based agriculture is particularly important. The combination of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and various automated equipment and machinery not only can reduce manpower requirements, but also precisely control water management, pesticide management and rationalization of fertilization, thus achieving the goals of friendly environment and safe agriculture policies. The Department continues to offer subsidies for agricultural machinery, materials, equipment and facilities required for agricultural production to promote the automation and technology of the city's agriculture. For the first time, it held the "15th Taiwan International Agricultural Machinery and Materials Exhibition 2020" in the North District, inviting international agricultural machinery manufacturers and experimental and improvement institutions to showcase cutting-edge automated equipment and smart farming technology, deepening the concept of smart farming and stimulating agricultural transformation.

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With the booming growth of the ICT industry (information and communication technology) driving industry transformation, the operations, such as production, management, logistics and marketing, in various sectors have become more convenient, faster and precise. In recent years, the nation has gradually applied the ICT on the traditional industry, especially the agriculture industry. The extreme climate changes due to global warming has made the farming environment more difficult. The nation's