Kaohsiung City Government


The Kaohsiung City Government highlights 3 "A" (Anytime, Anywhere, Anyone) as the goal of smart government service to its citizen. Every citizen can obtain the corresponding services needed at any time and any place. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to promote strategies through 3 "I", including deploying a complete "Infrastructure", simplifying the service process of public affairs through the "Integration" of information resources across governmental agencies, and providing value-added application of "Innovation services".
Kaohsiung owns international sea and air dual ports and abundant scientific and technological resources to welcome all kinds of cooperation between the innovative technology industry and the municipal government. By taking Kaohsiung as a test field, we can realize the local development of scientific and technological innovation applications.


Create a smart community / Create smart lohas shared community
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Smart Healthcare
Create a smart community / Create smart lohas shared community
The concept of creating smart living shared care mmunities is based on the two pillars of participatory care and telemedicine. The aim is to set up self-service smart healthcare kiosks in communities to provide the three-stage services of health measurement, self-health management, and telemedicine, so as to provide quality shared care services to citizens by the smart integration of data. 1. Health measurement: Self-service smart healthcare kiosks allow users to measure blood pressure, blood oxygen content, forehead temperature, height, weight, etc. 2.Self-health management: Users can use iPass, easycard or health insurance card to set up accounts, through which they can send measurement results to their own or their families’ smartphones to keep track of their health. The data can also be provided for doctors’ reference when they seek medical attention. 3.Establish a shared care service model: The kiosks serve as a comprehensive management and reviewing platform to institutions, hospitals, communities, elders, and caregivers by integrating personal healthcare data in the cloud (healthcare records, health measurement records, health improvement records, preventive health records, etc.) and providing health education videos.
Kaohsiung 5G Smart Street  Light Demonstration Project
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5G Telecommunication
Kaohsiung 5G Smart Street Light Demonstration Project
Testing 5G technologies in areas of high traffic flows: 1. Demonstrative 5G installation: Install 5G microcells on street lights for verification. 2. Smart street lights: The smart street lights provide road safety monitoring and recording, real-time vehicle flow and vehicle type analysis, no-parking and limited-time parking alert, license plate recognition, pedestrian flow analysis, air quality monitoring, and digital bulletin board application. 3. Smart parking: This function analyzes license plate numbers and records parking time using license plate recognition. 4. Student arrival/departure identification: This function identifies students’ arrival at and departure from school by collecting data from the e-cards carried on them.
Kaohsiung City Emergency Ambulance Cloud Networking
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Smart Award
Kaohsiung City Emergency Ambulance Cloud Networking
In order to increase the efficiency of the 119 system, the Kaohsiung City Fire Bureau have completed the APP for the Kaohsiung City since 2016. In 2017, we have integrated among the hardware and software subsystem in 119 system to link the mobile dispatch system with tablet computers and to enhance the 119 electronic-fleet-systems. After one year, we also last to setup the 119 database management about emergency and mobile medical service and achieve the goal of integration. In the project, it apply the controlled telecomunication radio-frequency device for 119 system to connect the GIS system with the caller message to accurate for dispatching and maximize the possibility on rescuing. The Kaohsiung City Fire Bureau would be devoted to share and exchange the real-time medical records of the wounded took by the ambulance with the Kaohsiung Emergency Medical Operation Center by the TEMSIS platform. Furthermore, by using the data interoperability of emergency medical service simultaneously on both sides, we would carry on the vision of the cross-regional emergency medical collaboration,and build the safety homeland environment with intelligent and disaster preventing.
The future of the port city, science and technology lead-to create a new port city of digital
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The future of the port city, science and technology lead-to create a new port city of digital
Development and Evaluation Commission utilizes the digital technology to facilitate smart governance, identifying specific problems and demands for the technology industry to propose solutions, including the behavioral analysis of AI de-identification, visitor counts of open-space scenic spots, the generation of smart database, digital mapping, speech recognition systems for increasing the speed of emergency medical services, etc. It also calls on companies to help the digital transformation of the works of governmental agencies, which will then be able to provide citizens with better and smarter services.
Kaohsiung Transport Monthly Pass MeNGo Card
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Smart Transportation
Kaohsiung Transport Monthly Pass MeNGo Card
Upholding the mission of contributing to quality public transportation and improved urban traffic, MeN Go, an integrated fare platform, is dedicated to integrating the monthly passes of public transportation networks in the greater Kaohsiung area, including mass rapid transit, buses, light rail, ferries, public bikes, contracted taxies, and highway buses. Launched in Kaohsiung City, MeN Go – mobility-as-a-service project provides a variety of economical fare plans and transit route/schedule app, reducing the need of driving a car and resultant problems such as traffic jam, parking issues and air pollution. With customized fare plans and an app for users to plan their commute or trip, MeN Go is a platform that provides diversified options to users, helping them save money while allowing them to enjoy safe and eco-friendly public transportation.