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Kaohsiung City has world-class airport and seaport, and abundant scientific and technological resources. This had attracted world-class semiconductor supply chain such as TSMC, ASE Group, Merck…etc. to land here in Kaohsiung. Kaohsiung also boosts the largest 5G demonstration test field, the “Kaohsiung New Bay Area 5G AIoT Innovation Hub”, and as Kaohsiung gathers talents and technologies, this becomes a key place for global smart industries. As industries advance and transform, city administration services also become better and better. Kaohsiung City’s approach to promote smart city had always been “people-oriented”, to provide convenience and smart living for the citizens. Kaohsiung City also welcomes innovative technology businesses to partner with the city government. By taking Kaohsiung as a test field, Kaohsiung municipal government provides innovative value-added services to resolve the city administration pain points. As technologies and innovative services land in Kaohsiung and build sustainable business models, there are more opportunities for such public-private partnership to export the solutions and technologies abroad to the world.


The Integration Service of Intelligent Rail Protection System
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Smart Transportation
The Integration Service of Intelligent Rail Protection System
The system developed by this project provides a smart solution for station including digital fence system, platform pedestrian flow analysis, animal tracking expelled system, track water situation analysis system and platform digital information signage. The platform comprehensively analyses the image of around the station, train coordinates, passenger entry and exit, and water depth etc. Which can be used for follow up review and improvement of abnormal events such as track intrusion, crowd congestion and road flooding to achieve optimal train operation configuration and class spacing control. And provide abnormal event warning and troubleshooting and passenger intelligence information services. After the integration of multiple subsystem through the IOC platform, the system will automatically alert an alarm to the traffic control center and announce the train near the area to remind the driver to pay attention to the situation and enhance the safety of the train and the people or cars in the area when the detection system alarms.
3D street violence early warning, AI intelligence collection and integration platform.
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Smart Security
3D street violence early warning, AI intelligence collection and integration platform.
Criminal and street violence cases will affect and cause panic to citizens. In order to diminish street violence cases, reducing the time to solve these cases, protecting citizens’ lives and properties, and allow citizens to live without fear, the Kaohsiung City Police Department (KCPD) built the “3D Street Violence Early Warning, AI Intelligence Collection and Integration Platform” (hereinafter called “the Platform”). The platform utilizes the Internet of Things (IoT) to combine AI image recognition and sound sensing technologies for cross-domain big data analyses. KCPD established cross-platform data interfacing and integration, mainly through “data integration” and “network analyses” to collect with the municipal government’s transportation bureaus and social bureaus; and import existing data from the KCPD data platforms. The Platform will, through web service API, (a) retrieve data built by information systems, (b) conduct big data analysis, aggregate applicable intelligence data and present it in the form of dynamic information, (c) Integrate all information and display it as maps and topologies, improve case handling efficiency. According to KCPD employees’ query, they can adjust factor weights and relationships. Analyze the results based on rational mathematical models and professional case-handling concepts, so that intelligence analysis goes beyond the limitations of platform developers and allows criminal police to maximize their capabilities.