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MiTAC Information Technology Corp., a provider of AIoT Solutions for Smart City and Digital Transformation. Established in October 2010, MiTAC has inherited experiences in system integration and core technology from MiTAC Inc, and accumulated technological capabilities in various fields. MiTAC has been cooperating with governments and enterprises, helping customers with digital transformation from end to cloud, from Electronization to AI and developed successful business models in Smart Transportation, Smart Government, Smart Manufacturing, Smart Enterprise, Smart Education, Smart Banking, and Smart Tourism.


MiAIOT x 5G Railway Safety Management System
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Smart Transportation
MiAIOT x 5G Railway Safety Management System
The “MiAIOT x 5G Railway Safety Management System was developed based on MiTAC’s in house AIoT platform-“MiAIoT”, and will assist the digital transformation of Taiwan's rail industry in the future, including cloud-based train operating data exchange, real-time train warning system, AI equipment abnormality prediction, and feeding all these crucial information to a situation “war room”.
MiTAC RFID/AI Smart Manufacturing Solution
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Smart Manufacturing
MiTAC RFID/AI Smart Manufacturing Solution
MiTAC has leverage the RFID technology and integrated with related solutionsto modify the warehousing and production management system. MiTAC's RFID Smart Manufacturing Solution has been applied in various industry, such as IPC, LED, Semiconductor, and textile industry. MiTAC has provided complete RFID application solutions these years from the inventory to production management system. We sees RFID as a game changer. Besides the RFID technology, the integrated application system is also important. MiTAC also develope the application systems. For each different scenario. We’ve developed a different system to work out a more complete RFID solution. We've also used supervised learning AI modules to develop MiTAC’s MiAION SeeR, a failure detection solution. MiTAC's strong software development ability is the biggest advantage.
MiAIOT Smart Ticketing Solution for Tourism
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Smart Governance
MiAIOT Smart Ticketing Solution for Tourism
There are increasing demand for self-service and remote-control devices.Besides safety reason, it is also easier for customers to purchase tickets and obtain travel information, plus the added benefits of time saving and convenience. MiTAC’s Smart ticketing solution for tourism was implemented at “Hạ Long Bay” in Vietnam. Passengers can use self-service devices, such as the Ticket Vending Machines, kiosks and POS to purchase tickets, place orders, arrange trips and inquire for additional information. The operators can also utilize automated devices and information system to reduce human resources investment, strengthen operational efficiency, and improve service quality. In addition, the operators can utilize the data collected for big data analysis for precision marketing in the future.