ArcRan Information Technology Inc.

ArcRan Information Technology Inc.

ArcRan is a company focused in IoT, V2X, and 5G security. Our core technologies are in Wifi/Bluetooth/C-V2X signal and packet analysis. We also provide IoT security testing service.
Our main product is iSecV/iSecMaster, which monitors the wireless signal packet and wired network packet in the physical field. Through the machine learning technology, iSecMaster learns the operating behavior of the field assets, and detects abnormal activities and advanced network attacks.
iSecMaster can be deployed in a variety of IoT applications in smart cities, such as smart factories, medical institutions, smart buildings, and critical information infrastructure, to strengthen security protection capabilities and reduce cyber risks.


Solution Description

Smart Transportation

iSecV is a Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) cybersecurity solution. It monitors wireless signal (WiFi, Bluetooth, and C-V2X) in order to detect abnormal behavior in V2X environment. Powered by machine learning and Integrated with threat intelligence, it provides early warning to unexpected incidents.
As the roll out of 5G communication will change the way we work and communicate, iSecV also protect V2X environment from cyber attacks. The solution has been used in several places in Taiwan.
Function List: Cyber Threat Detection / Anomaly Detection and Prevention /Event Analysis and Audit Log / Signal Flow Data Analysis / Physical Anti-malware Protection