Smart Security Steering Group

Smart Security Steering Group

The framework of Taipei Smart City takes “smart government” as the core value, and promotes “smart security”, “smart building”, “smart transportation”, “smart education”, “smart healthcare”, “smart environment”, and “smart economy” to be the blueprint for the future development. In order to achieve it, “1+7 smart city steering groups” were established. The smart security steering group, chaired by the Taipei City Police Department, convenes the Taipei City Fire Department and the Department of Information Technology, and outside experts. The steering group aims to enhance public security, disaster prevention, and road traffic safety through smart technologies and build Taipei a safe city.

Smart Policing Innovation— Building the TCPD WORK SMART Platform

Solution Description


In order to facilitate a less burdensome working environment for rank-and-file police officers, and realize Mayor Ko's vision of Intelligent Policing, the TCPD has been the first to develop the "Digitalized Officer Duty Log", "Digitalized Officer Patrol System", "Digital Stop Check System" and the "Traffic Violations Reporting System". Along with the implementation of hardware such as the handwriting tablet, the M-Police mobile mini-computer and Bluetooth photocopier, the digitalization campaign has greatly enhanced officers' working environment and significantly boosted overall policing efficiency.