avilon intelligence

avilon intelligence

avilon is a Taiwanese UAV design company specializing in the construction of MIT automatic UAV systems. Includes UAV software, hardware design and manufacturing, IoT development and cloud integration. User can operate our drone such as auto take-off, landing, navigation, photography, mapping, cargo delivery just by mobile phone or tablet. Not only reduce operation threshold to prevent manual operation accident but also provide applications in various industries.
With strong technical background, avilon is also qualified for IoT customization. Our team provides customers with comprehensive one-stop services including, but not limited to, professional consulting, industry solution, manufacturing and integration.

Automatic Drone Platform System

Solution Description


avilon’s drone solution has been applied to various fields, such as surveillance and security, disaster relief, 3D map construction, cargo delivery, and agriculture. We provide our customer the possibility to execute different missions with the same drone platform - Gryphon. Furthermore, avilon eases the control process of Gryphon by integrating cloud automatic drone’s maneuvering system, 4G LTE Network communication system, automatic precision landing system, and portable landing station system to the drone, providing users a brand new experience in controlling the drone. Gryphon’s features are summarized as below:

- no range limit operation in urban area
- can be simply controlled by a tablet
- drone fleet management system
- real-time video streaming for remote control and monitoring
- support different equipment for various missions
- support avilon portable landing station

avilon’s system, both hardware and software, are designed with own proprietary technology. We serve design, implementation and manufacturing sector in industrial and military standard. Our highly adaptive solutions enable fast time to deploy and close integration and customization. We are system developer that will tailor solution to match your need.

Here are the services avilon provide:
1.Embedded System - Hardware/Software Development
2.PCB design and PCB assembly for mass production
3.IoT Product design
4.Online Connectivity
5.Web/APP UI Development