Smart Government Steering Group

Smart Government Steering Group

The framework of Taipei Smart City takes “smart government” as the core value, and promotes “smart security”, “smart building”, “smart transportation”, “smart education”, “smart healthcare”, “smart environment”, and “smart economy” to be the blueprint for the future development. In order to achieve it, “1+7 smart city steering groups” were established. The smart government steering group is comprised of the Department of Information Technology as the chair, the Department of Civil Affairs, the Department of Land, the Research, Development, and Evaluation Commission, and outside experts. The group is aimed to provide a more efficient business environment and citizen services by using smart technologies to intellectualize and digitalize the city government in Taipei.

COVID 19 Data Integration Dashboard

Solution Description


In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Department of Information Technology (DOIT) developed the COVID-19 Data Integration Dashboard which gathers pandemic-related information from both Taiwan and abroad as references for city officials and the emergency response task force. The data collected include details such as the National Health Insurance Administration’s pharmacy face mask inventory, number of face mask sold via the face mask vending machines, number of users utilizing public venues, gauge of pandemic-related topics on the Internet, and more. The main data displayed here emphasizes comprehensive, cross-department matters and a viable solution to resolving the problem of data scattered across different agencies. The materials are presented in a fashion reflecting geospatial elements, ensuring that officials can grasp all necessary pandemic updates and current status of all administrative districts for decision-making references.