Department of sports

Department of sports

Department of Sport, Taoyuan is established with the aims to properly plan and manage the sports fields under jurisdiction and actively hold the sports activities, in order to enhance national sport, national health and life quality. Moreover, our goals are to effectively cultivate excellent players, strengthen sports competency of the city and accomplish the goal of “City of Physical Education”.

Taoyuan County has great sports atmosphere, as demonstrated by world-class sports fields constructed by the government and varied sports events. Under aggressive promotion by the sports circle, there is great development in the sports field of Taoyuan, and great performances have been delivered in various competitions.
Department of Sport, Taoyuan strives to promote public participation in sports, as well as the spirit and advantages of sports. “Sports for anyone, at anytime and anywhere” is our goal.

Construction of a Smart Library

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Construction of Taoyuan City Smart Stadium and Trends in the Development of Sports Science
Since 2018, the city government has been advocating the construction of 5 major sports parks and 11 national sports centers in order to make Taoyuan a major sports city. 6 sports centers, including Taoyuan, Zhongli, Pingzhen, Luzhu, Daxi Elementary School and Nanping Sports Center, are already in operations. Each sports center has its own feature sports programs, among which the Pingzhen National Sports Center’s Flying Wheel Classroom, Children's Game Room, Martial Arts Classroom and the Luzhu National Sports Center’s Smart Classroom and VR Virtual Reality Room have all introduced smart application technology and equipment. In 2021, the Pingzhen National Sports Center launched a sports science program and through systematic testing and analysis, the training cycle of athletes is arranged to reduce sports injuries and improve performance.