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Comprehensive Smart Living Solutions

From the smart home solution, smart buildings to large venue security management solutions, we introduce cutting-edge technology into customer's daily life and gradually shap the vision of "Smart City". Taiwan SECOM is not just a security service provider, but also an intelligent life integration expert that all people can trust.

Taiwan SECOM is expanding our sight and moving from the home living field towards making city functions smarter. Based on decades of innovative capability and experience, we are developing smart buildings, large smart areas, smart transportation, smart parking, smart street lights, air quality, earthquake reporting, mud and rock slide monitoring, and disaster prevention, etc. By integrating our various capabilities, we are giving cities a brand new look.


Intelligent Transportation Solutions
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Smart Transportation
Intelligent Transportation Solutions
Building a Intelligent Transportation Network The traffic system is the artery of an urban development. To improve traffic quality and build a intelligent transportation network, Taiwan SECOM is working with local governments to promote smart street lights. The brightness of these lights can be adjusted according to the surrounding environment, which not only conserves energy but also reduce traffic accidents caused by insufficient lighting. A traffic flow detection system can immediately analyze the traffic flow of each main path and the substitute routes can be immediately displayed on the display to effectively divert traffic flow. The geomagnetic sensor and smart parking meter will help you live occupancy reoporting and fee calculation. Smart Street Light .Smart Lighting: adjusts brightness according to various scenarios. .Traffic detection: optimizes traffic routing and analyzes traffic flows. .Environmental Sensing: detects the temperature, humidity, and PM 2.5 levels. Smart Parking Meter .Live ocupancy reoporting and fee calculation. .Bill pringting and support third party payment. .Significantly reduce the labor cost of road side billing by more than 50%.
Taiwan SECOM - Smart City Safety Solution
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Taiwan SECOM - Smart City Safety Solution
Taiwan SECOM “Smart City Safety Solution” including: 5G high-speed network transmission, road safety monitoring, real-time analysis of traffic flow and vehicle types, parking violation analysis, license plate recognition, traffic flow analysis, smart parking, air quality detection, personnel positioning and push Notification, e-paper information board and IoT integrated system platform. The platform's principal IOC monitoring and management, Open API interface, and know-how for dispatching services are integrated with multiple subsystems through the back-end management platform. When the system is abnormal, it can be quickly reflected and subsequent disposal. Significantly reduce personnel monitoring and management costs. It will also actively monitor the normal status of the equipment at usual time, when abnormal maintenance, always keep the system equipment running normally, improve the system equipment rate. Meanwhile the new way of operation of the smart city is establishing.
Fire notification + Emergency notification video device
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Smart Security
Fire notification + Emergency notification video device
Fire notification + Emergency notification video device Taiwan Secom Technology Group launched a combination of 119 fire notification device and emergency notification image system, integrated anti-robbery, disaster prevention,and video, through real – timeimage monitoring and recording the scene, to grasp abnormal conditions; 24-hour control service center Line, monitor the signal for abnormality at any time ; if there is any abnormal information, it is immediately transmitted to the 119 and 110 service centers to reduce disaster expansion; the communication host has automatic detection function, and the control service center immediately dispatches personnel to overhaul when there is a failure; a test button , At any time to check whether the system is normal, and automatically fax back to the test status.