PhantomCloud Communication Inc.

PhantomCloud Communication Inc.

Clients(Edge computing) management more than 20 years. Unique and patented technologies which can slash IT TOC (total operation cost) and are capable of protecting intellectual properties of clients which gets the opportunities to launch well in Germany, Japan, USA etc. highly developed countries and China, Mexico & Brazil etc. developing territories more than12 years. Reliable “edge computing” is the base of all IoT & Smart city applications and “data security” is Indispensable factor for any IoT & Smart city.
We just received 2021 German Innovation Award in May it is in Information Technology category of Excellent in Business to Business and got 2021 Comenius-EduMedia Award in July in the "LMS Teaching and Learning Management System" category which solution is exellent for "Central management of the local Windows and Linux systems for mobile and stationary end devices" .

End points management & security for smart city & manufacturing (AI, Iot etc.)

Solution Description

Smart Manufacturing

Phantosys--Client base solution provide cloud structure (Edge computing) which can support multi images(OS(Windows & Linux )+APP) deployed to any X86 device on demand ,updating, disaster recovery and data leakage protection of clients
We provide an “Intelligent Edge Computing Management Platform for IoT in CA"X“ Design /Smart Medical or manufacturing /Virtual Reality fields covered Cloud Management, Data Management, Intelligent Applications and Decision Management features
. Unique. “Data Cloaking Technology” not only be applied IoT but also be used in secured offices from enterprises, government, shop flow etc..