ADASKY develops and manufactures intelligent, high-resolution LWIR thermal cameras, specializing in automated vehicles (ADAS/AV) and smart city perception systems. These infrared sensors can see clearly in the dark the same as during daylight, not limited by blinding lights or harsh weather conditions, and can even detect elevated temperatures in individuals to address the COVID19 pandemic. Powered by state-of-the-art algorithms, ADASKY’s AI thermal cameras can detect and classify all types of road users from a distance making traffic and pedestrian mobility safer and smarter.

thermal camera smart cities with object detection AI

Solution Description

Smart Security

ADASKY's "Sharp Vision" is a thermal camera for V2I and smart cities. Our camera enables vision 24/7, in every light and weather condition. Our AI can detect and classify people, vehicles and animals. Hence we are able to perform traffic analyze and traffic surveillance to make the roads safer. Our camera is developed from scratch by our engineers and is produced in-house in Israel.


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