HEX Safety, Inc.

HEX Safety, Inc.

Founded in 2013, HEX Safety invented "HEX Dynamic Evacuation System", an intelligent fire evacuation system that can instantly calculate the safest evacuation route and provide immediate navigation to help occupants escape from a fire emergency more quickly, accurately, and safely.
In 2019, we collaborated with Central Weather Bureau and National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering and together we integrated the Early Earthquake Warning System with our HEX Dynamic Evacuation System.
Our vision at HEX Safety is to improve the overall quality of life using advance technologies to promote safety standards for buildings and public places, in return, to create a much more convenient and comfortable life for all.

AIoT Disaster Prevention and Mitigation System

Solution Description

Smart Building

System feature include:
* 24/7 system surveillance with data collection sending to cloud system periodically.
*Mobile notification through Line, text, and e-mail notifying vastest information to end users.
*Early Earthquake Warning Alarm provide alarm sound prior to the arrival of the earthquake.
*Automatic shutdown of gas valves, pipelines and electricity.
*Stoppage of elevator and escalator.
*Earthquake protection of production lines.
*Efficient building evacuation through Dynamic Evacuation System.
*Automatic report of structural safety evaluations on post-quake.