Lydsec Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

Lydsec Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

Lydsec Digital Technology was founded in 2012 and developed Keypasco Multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution with Keypasco AB from Sweden. A total solution for Internet content providers (ICPs) and service providers a convenient, easy-to-implement, and cost-effective software. It is successfully used in banking, third-party payment companies, smart building, E-commerce, online gaming companies, and health-care industries. In recent years we also introduced Multi-Peer VPN, program weakness scanning, and program quality control tools as well as biometrics like facial/voice recognition, providing a complete solution from endpoint authentication, protection, and programs security to meet the needs of customer identification and data leakage prevention.

Keypasco Multi-factor Authentication

Solution Description

Smart Security

Keypasco multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution holds multinational technology invention patents. The Multi-factors include users' devices (such as computers, mobile phones, tablets, or laptops), Geographical Location, Proximity, Sign What You See, and PKI Sign. Through the Two-channel authentication method and Software Risk Management, it protects the security of identity authentication in a variety of application scenarios effectively. It also avoids man-in-the-middle attacks, phishing, and other attacks. The complete Web Service API function can be flexibly interfaced with various network service systems, and this highly reduces the cost of hardware construction.

Cross-platform support:
- Mobile SDK: iOS / Android
- PC Vakten: Mac / Windows / Linux
- Browser Vakten: Supports Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge, and other browsers

System support:

Cloud or On-premises